We are a material sciences and technology company that has invented a new class of powerful and cost-effective porous polymer adsorbents uniquely capable of removing toxic micropollutants from the world's drinking water supply.
A micropollutant is a contaminant measured in parts per billion (µg/L) or parts per trillion and include pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, industrial chemicals, and other organic compounds. They enter US and global water resources through industrial discharge, agricultural runoff, and from untreated sewage. It has recently been establish that many micropollutants easily pass through state-of-the art drinking water treatment plants and are now present in the tap water of tens of millions of Americans. Many, such as perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) which are now present in the blood serum of 97% of the U.S. population, represent serious health risks including various cancers and endicrine disorders even at extremely low concentrations.
Based on Cyclodextrin, a sugar molecule synthesized from corn starch, our High-Affinity Cyclodextrin Polymer (HACP) adsorbents are specifically designed to quickly and cost-effectively remove micropollutants from water. Through a combination of ultra-high surface area, permanent porosity, targeted affinity, and rapid uptake kinetics, our HACPs work faster and more cost-effectively than alternative micropollutant removal options, including premium activated carbon (AC), reverse osmosis, or ionized resins

Our patented HACPs can be produced in various particle sizes (40μ - 500+μ) to meet the filtration and water flow requirements of virtually any micropollutant removal application, including municipal, commercial, medical, defense, and consumer point-of-use applications.
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